Newsletter 2021 Mille Miglia

With the hopeful prospect that most probably from next spring 2021 the Corona pandemic will no longer limit our travelling and classic car activities comes the announcement for the 2021 Mille Miglia which will once again traditionally take place mid-May (from the 12-th till the 15-th).


Wouldn’t you be tempted to participate and immediately experience “La Corsa la piu bella del Mondo”?

At Marreyt Classics we have built-up the last 10 years an enviable reputation in sourcing the correct authentic ex-Mille Miglia cars, thoroughly preparing these in our classic car workshop, assist our customers with the registration, transport our customers cars to and from Brescia and offering them technical assistance during the historic Mille Miglia. During these 10 years of involvement we are proud to conclude that from all cars we followed-up in this program, each one of them arrived safely at the finish.

Even better, we have 3 “tickets ready to go” immediately available for you! 


1952 Fiat Topolino C ex-1952-MM:
Admire this cute and ambitious Topolino at:


1937 Fiat 508C barchetta ex-1938-1940-1947-1948MM:
Admire this stylish one-off barchetta at:


1954 Alfa Romeo 1900TI Berlina ex-1954-1955-MM:                                                                                                                             Admire this comfortable & potent competition car at:

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