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Showroom and Workshop in Brussels

The showroom

You can admire a large selection of the Marreyt classic car collection in the spacious showroom which accommodates dozens of classic cars and showcases our most recently restored and iconic cars.

Are you looking for that one classic car that suits you? Or are you an enthusiast who wants to take a look at our current selection of cars for sale? Don’t hesitate to visit our showroom, where we’re happy to welcome you to join us for a tour or a conversation about your classic car dream.

The workshop

The workshop is the beating heart of the Marreyt restorations. This is where classic cars are restored to their former glory according to the rules of the art of restoration.

Our machines and tools are all authentic instruments that allow us to carry out refined manual work, which is crucial for a faithful classic car restoration. There is no run-of-the-mill work here: you’ll find a specialised workshop where we execute the technical aspect of the classic car métier with the greatest craftsmanship and utmost care.

Our workshop is an important part of the classic car experience for many of our customers. Some pass by on their day off to follow the progress of their car restoration.

Our fascination for the complexity of the classic car repair process and the challenging and meticulous nature of the restoration work is a part of the process that we are happy to share with you.

Showroom and workshop

Always welcome for a visit. A private appointment is also possible.

Victor Bocquéstraat 15
9300 Aalst
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Driven by craftsmanship, no challenge is too big for us. Unravelling complexity is in our nature. We solve the unsolvable.
Luc Swerts