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Is Marreyt a certified classic car seller?

Yes! In Belgium we were the first classic car company which obtained the BFOV/FBA label which is recognized by the FIVA organisation.

How does Marreyt guarantee the authenticity and history of the car?

Because we do an in depth study of each classic car we buy or sell. The smallest doubt on any aspect of authenticity of the car will make us suspicious until the moment we have 100% certainty.

What guarantees does Marreyt offer on the purchase of a classic car?

The guarantee is that we will be able to assist you with any problem you might encounter with your classic car. Over the years we have built up an enviable reputation as a classic car restorer. We are able to solve the unsolvable.

Are matching numbers essential for the authenticity of a car?

It is nice to be confronted with the fact that a classic car is still matching numbers but, in our opinion the hype around matching numbers is a bit over the top. Authenticity is more than matching numbers; we do help you in finding the most authentic car fitting your dream.

How will Marreyt sell my classic car?

If we are convinced about the correct price/quality ratio of your car, we will assure you that we will market your car in the best possible way through different channels in a personalized way.

What guarantees does Marreyt offer when selling my classic car?

We will place your classic car in the hands of the right buyer for a correct price acceptable for both parties. We provide pre and post sale inspection and service.

Is it better to sell my car through an auction, to a dealer or specialist or to a private collector?

Because we know the classic car market in depth. We, as a specialist, can guide you to find the correct customer in a more discrete and one-to-one relationship.

Which variables determine the value of a classic car?

The authenticity, condition, rarity, history and usability. Each car has a unique story. We love storytelling.

How much commission does Marreyt charge on the sale of my classic car?

This depends on the value of the classic car and in mutual agreement with the seller.

Do I need to pay taxes on the sale when I sell my classic car at a profit?

No, if your classic car is privately owned and it is an occasional sale.

Car brand & type

Which cars does Marreyt buy? What are the criteria?

Based on our long experience, we attach a lot of importance to the authenticity, originality and sound structural condition of the car. 

Can I contact Marreyt for the purchase of a specific classic car that is not on the stock list?

Of course you can. Authenticy, originality & sound structural condition of the car are our minimal essential search criteria.

Can I contact Marreyt for a classic car other than the English and Italian post-war sports cars?

Yes, our quality control procedure is applicable on any classic car. For instance we regularly have in our workshop Mercedes 300 SL, Porsche 356, Facel Vega,…

Should I buy a classic car that has already been restored or a classic car that still needs to be restored?

Both ways have their advantages and short comings. If the car is completely restored you can immediately enjoy the car if not the wreck to be restored is also a very nice adventure. Let us advice you on any car you might be interested in; our 30+ years of experience do guarantee a low risk selection.

I don't live in Belgium. What should I keep in mind if I want to buy a classic car from Marreyt? How should the purchase of a classic car abroad be arranged?

Half of the cars we sell go to customers abroad. We are very familiar with export, transport, shipping, customs, etc… We have sold cars to customers from Alaska to New Zealand. If you want to have more details or do you have specific questions do not hesitate to contact us.

Do you search, sell or buy cars of any budget?

Yes we do once our core criteria are fulfilled (authenticity and originality)


How does Marreyt guarantee the authenticity of the restoration or repair of my classic car?

Our major strength is the fact that we have more than 30 years of restoration/repair experience in the classic car world.

Can I follow the restoration of my classic car in the workshop?

We very much welcome our customers to follow the restoration process. We even encourage our customers to do this.

Do you repair classic cars which were not bought at Marreyt Classic Cars?

Yes we do. Whenever a classic car Passionist is presenting his car, we will be happy to repair her/his dream car


What is the difference between restoring and preserving a classic car?

A classic car is only once original, this means that if you restore a car you will never be able to go back to the original condition. Sometimes sadly the original condition is beyond preservation in that case restoration is the only possibility.

Can I contact Marreyt for assistance with my own classic car reparation or renovation?

Of course, we can execute the for you more challenging aspects of the restoration.

I work on my classic car myself and am looking for specific parts. Can Marreyt help me with these parts?

The classic car passion is based on worldwide fraternity so obviously we will help you to source difficult to find items.

I've got a classic car on my mind, can Marreyt give me a second opinion?

Yes we think it is a very good idea to ask for an independent expert opinion.

Can I contact Marreyt for expert advice on my classic car patrimony?

Yes, we curate some of the important classic car collections belonging to customers with expert advice.

How is the classic car market evolving?

Over the thirty years of experience we are lucky to notice that we are active in a constantly growing classic car market. Inevitably, there were some consolidation periods but every time the market has evolved in the right direction.

When are we talking about an oldtimer and when are we talking about a classic car? What is the difference between an oldtimer and a classic car?

Starting with the Oldtimers the European legislation declares that a car is an oldtimer once it has reached the age of thirty. Some cars are immediately considered classic when it is a high profile, low volume model, for instance most of the new Ferrari’s are immediately considered as a classic.

How should a classic car be registered in Belgium?

First step is to ensure that your car has been imported. (Document 705). Secondly, the car needs to pass the “control technique”. After that the car needs to be insured. At that stage your car is ready to be registered in Belgium.

How is a classic car insured?

Most classic car are insured against damage to third parties but very valuable cars can also opt for an all risk insurance. We can help you finding the right insurance.

Does my classic car need to be inspected in Belgium?

You need to pass technical control at registration. Cars between 25-30 years old need to pass every year, cars between 30-50 years every 2 year. Once they reached the ago of 50 every 5 year. For more information we invite you to follow up the differences in regions and age of the cars on the BEHVA website.

What is the difference between a normal car inspection and an old-timer inspection?

Oldtimers benefit from a more flexible check-up taking into account their age.

Oldtimers benefit from a more flexible check-up taking into account their age.

It is much cheaper to insure a classic car than a normal car. The price of the technical control is the same.

What should I pay attention for when I take my classic car to the inspection?

We advice you to book a check-up in a specialist classic car workshop, such as ours, before going to the control technique.

Does a classic car need an certificate of conformity?

If you register your car as an oldtimer in Belgium (O-plate) you do not need a certificate of conformity.

Why should I ask for a taxation of my classic car?

In our opinion it is a good idea to ask for a valuation report of your classic car. In case of an accident you have already an official document of the state and value of your classic car.

What are the legal restrictions regarding the use of my classic car?

There are no restrictions in the use of a classic car in Belgium, expect you can not use your classic car work related or for commercial activities.

Can I drive my classic car on every road in Belgium?

Yes you are allowed to use all roads, also the highway. The minimum speed is 90 km/hour on a highway.

Can I transport my family members, such as my partner and children, in my classic car?

Of course, driving a classic car is something you have to share with family and friends, it is a lifestyle.

In which (Belgian) cities am I allowed/not allowed to drive my classic car because of the LEZ (Low Emission Zone) regulations?

At this moment only Brussels, Antwerp and Ghent are imposing low emission zone restrictions. Brussels allows the use of oldtimers with O-nummberplate. In Antwerp and Ghent you will need to pay taxation.

When should I wear a seatbelt in a classic car?

Before 1968 not compulsory, after 1968 it is compulsory. If the classic car is equipped with seatbelts, these must be worn. 


I want to buy a classic car as an investment. Can Marreyt store and maintain my car?

Classic cars need to be driven but of course we understand the investment aspect of buying a classic car. Our eagle eye can help you in selecting the right investment. At Marreyt we will maintain and store your investment properly.

How often should my classic car be serviced/maintained?

Ideally, once a year.

Does Marreyt always give me insight into the expected costs of a restoration or repair?

Yes, based on our vast experience we can give you a clear view on the restoration, maintenance or repair. If you wish so we can establish a maintenance contract for your classic car with fixed prices.


Does my classic car have to meet certain conditions in order to participate in a classic car event or rally? Can Marreyt help me to arrange the conditions?

Often classic car event organisers ask for a FIVA ID card for your classic car. We can assist you with the application to obtain such a FIVA ID card.

What exactly does rally guidance by Marreyt mean?

We can take care of every item. For instance at the Mille Miglia we assist you with registration, with necessary Mille Miglia registro, we organize the transport. We guide you through the technical scrutineering. During the rally we provide technical assistance. At night we take care of servicing. We cheer at the finish line and we transport the cars back home safely.

What guarantees does Marreyt give for her rally assistance?

Every car we follow up with our technical assistance crosses the finish line.

For which rallies does Marreyt offer assistance?

Until now we took care of particpants at the Zoute Grand Prix and, Mille Miglia. We are thinking of organizing assistance for the Monte Carlo Historic rally but we are open for other suggestions (Tour Auto? Targa Florio? Etc…) . On request we can assist at any rally you want us to be.

I didn't buy my car from Marreyt. Can I have my classic car here prepared for a rally?

We provide technical assistance to customers cars which participate in a rally on the condition that our workshop can verify the car before the rally in our workshop.

I organize a private classic car event or rally. Can Marreyt also provide on-site support here?

Yes, on a regular basis we have provided rally assistance to privately organized rally’s.

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