It started with a dream. A classic one...

Welcome to Marreyt, where we have been passionate about classic cars for more than thirty years.

Marreyt is an exclusive classic car specialist in Belgium. Originating from a distinct passion for old-timers, we have immersed ourselves in the unique world of classic cars since 1990, specializing in the top segment of British and Italian post-war sports cars.

As a driving force in the classic car scene, our story started with a classic car dream. It started with wonder, admiration, fascination, and today it is a genuine passion. We follow the classic car world closely, we do not miss a single prominent event, and we keep looking for that one refined classic car gem that we then restore with the utmost craftsmanship and with the deepest respect for the soul of the car.

Every car has its story, its sophistication, its complexity. Every new classic car discovery is a thrill. The beauty of our profession lies in the search for your dream classic car and researching the history of the car, as well as in unravelling its mechanical complexity and in the meticulous restoration ... We strive to preserve the heritage. But above all, our ambition is to fulfil your classic car dream.

A classic car is more than a car, it’s an experience.

As a classic car service partner with more than thirty years of craftsmanship, we will search worldwide to find the old-timer that best suits you, in terms of mechanics, aesthetics and performance. After all, your classic car is a reflection of your personality.

We restore your old-timer in our workshop near Brussels with the utmost precision and care and with the car’s legacy in mind. We provide maintenance and repairs, we can prepare your classic car for an event or rally, and we can offer live rally assistance. We also give advice on classic car collection management, and we can support you with the sale of your classic car.

Whether your dream car dates back to your childhood or is a classic car with an extraordinary history or you dream of participating in the most beautiful race in the world, we fulfil your classic car dream. Because a classic car is more than a car, it’s an experience.

Driven by craftsmanship, no challenge is too big for us. Unravelling complexity is in our nature. We solve the unsolvable.
Luc Swerts