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Restoring a classic car is an inherent part of the experience. We have been restoring old-timers with the greatest craftsmanship in our workshop in Brussels for many years.

We believe that a classic car is heritage that needs to be restored with the utmost respect for its soul. Every restoration project is a work of patience, passion and care. By using authentic parts, the techniques of the past and by paying attention to details we delve into the history of your classic car, study it and restore the car in the spirit of its time.

“Restored by Marreyt” is the equivalent of a historically accurate and technically perfect restoration.

You can contact us to restore your classic car to perfect condition. We restore your car with respect, according to the rules of the craft and with respect for authenticity at all times.

As pioneers in the Belgian old-timer community, we also like to contribute to the preservation of classic cars. This trend has been on the increase for a number of years and is based on maintaining the current look of the classic car as a reflection of its life story. You can also rely on us to carry this out.

In full glory

We will restore a wooden dashboard to its original state with a true sense of detail for the material and the method of application. We repair the Borrani wheels of your car with respect for the most refined techniques. It is with utmost care and expertise that we repair the parts of your classic car, each of them gems of fine mechanics.

We take care of all facets of the restoration from the mechanics of the engine, transmission, suspension, instruments, brakes and steering to the electricity and from the bodywork and wheels to the refined repair of the dashboard and the upholstery of the interior. We guarantee a restoration of your classic car to its full glory.