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Rally preparation and assistance

Participating in a rally or concours d’élégance is one of the pinnacles of the classic car experience. We can prepare your classic car for your event.

As a classic car enthusiast a rally is a magical experience, but the race demands a lot of your car. If you want to participate in a competition or organise your own event you also want your car to shine. It is crucial to prepare your car adequately.

We prepare your classic car for any competition or rally, from the prestigious Zoute Grand Prix to the grand Rétromobile in Paris, the iconic Pebble Beach, or the legendary Mille Miglia.

Live rally assistance

Once you are at the start of a race, you also want to finish it. You can rely on our live rally assistance at any of the larger rallies. We go “on location” and take on the role of your personal technician during the rally.

We take care of your car and you can enjoy the rally without any worries.

You can also consult us if you want to participate in the most beautiful race in the world. For several years we have been assisting our customers with the preparation for and guidance during the Mille Miglia.

Driving this legendary, historic and tough car race requires a specific expertise: it needs the right car, thorough rally preparation and the very best direct assistance during the race. Or to put it more poetically: it is an epic battle of man and machine against time.

We ensure that you can participate, and we have technical support day available around the clock for four days so that you can enjoy this phenomenal rally to the utmost and – this is a matter of honour for us – you can drive over the finish line after a thousand miles with a carefree feeling.

For us it’s a matter of honour that you finish the rally. Our greatest pride is that every Marreyt car that has participated in the Mille Miglia has also reached the finish of this legendary race.
Bernard Marreyt