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Classic car purchase

A classic car isn’t just a spontaneous purchase. It should be a car that suits you. Marreyt is happy to help you find your dream classic car.

When you enter our showroom, you probably already have an image of your ideal classic car in mind. The aesthetics, the type of motor, a specific characteristic ... all clear preferences. We are eager to hear your version of your dream car so that we fully understand your wishes. Together we’ll find the car that suits you: a classic car that corresponds to you in every way. A car whose history you know and want to continue. A car as an extension of your personality.

Looking for your dream car?

Your classic car must be a perfect match. Perhaps you can’t find your dream car in our online selection or at our showroom in Brussels? Feel free to challenge us. We have a worldwide network and will keep looking until we have found your classic car.

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It’s more than a car, it’s an experience.
Bernard Marreyt