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September 2022
19.09.2022 30.09.2022
Rally Morocco
Sahara Challenge
Nine million square kilometres of sand, seas of rolling dunes, and large rock plateaus. The Sahara is the largest hot desert in the world, a vast wilderness that stretches all the way across the top of Africa. There aren’t many environments on the planet that can claim to be as harsh as the extremes experienced in the Sahara, excesses of temperature at either end of the mercury, dust storms that engulf all that stand before, and a lack of water that even the Dromedary Camel struggles with. But for all the hardship, this is a place where life endures and finds a way, whether that be the West African Cheetah, or its distant cousin the Sand Cat or the countless other examples of wildlife that call this wilderness home. Human life also finds a way, nomadic herdsmen eking out a life in this severe environment. It is also beautiful, the golden sand of the desert striking a hard contrast with the azure blue of the sun-filled skies, oasis of green punctuating the dunes in a riot of life, water and colour and the topographic and geological transitions that are sometimes the only clue to any changes in elevation or guides to direction. To witness this huge area is a once in a lifetime experience, a privilege and a reminder that life can conquer all and find a way just about anywhere. To rally out here, on the other hand, is a joy that is only really known by those that have done it. The Sahara Challenge will select the very best bits that the desert has to offer and condense it all into a 12-day adventure, that will test the soul and leave an unrivalled feeling of triumph after one has conquered the ever-encroaching sands of the desert. Beginning and ending in Spain, just a short hop over the Mediterranean Sea will transport all of those involved into another time, a distant world where the roads were sparsely populated and the roadsides even less so. If remote rallying is what you are after, the Sahara Challenge is the test for you. For those with Peking to Paris 2022 ( now postponed until 2023) on their minds, the Sahara Challenge will also provide a very important platform to shake down cars and test them before the ultimate challenge begins just a few months later. Few other rallies will provide an opportunity to test cars in such extremes of temperature and on sandy and soft roads that are always a hallmark of the Peking to Paris Motor Challenge. Whatever your reason for entering, the Sahara Classic offers to be a phenomenal adventure for anyone brave enough to enter. The opportunity to experience one of the world’s last great wildernesses, and rally a classic car whilst doing so, well, those chances don’t just come along every day. We hope to see you on the start line in September 2022…
22.09.2022 03.10.2022
Rally Switzerland
Italian lakes and Swiss Alps
Explore Lakes Maggiore, Orta, Como, Iseo and Garda, together with the surrounding areas which exhibit an enchanting combination of Mediterranean foliage set against the backdrop of snow-capped mountains. There are some of the most beautiful towns and striking gardens in the whole of Europe to be visited. Experience aristocratic villas, glorious sunsets, boat trips to islands with magical villages, a fascinating range of cuisines, truly superb wines and, of course, the lakes themselves and all they have to offer.
30.09.2022 02.10.2022
MotorsportSpa, Belgium
Let’s head to one of the world’s most beautiful circuits – Circuit Spa-Francorchamps! Sticking to its later date at the beginning of October, the Spa Six Hours is back to host hundreds of iconic historic cars against its stunning autumnal backdrop. With diverse international drivers, great entertainment, racing challenges (not to mention the thrilling Eau Rouge), it’s an event not to miss! This no-frills 3-day racing event promises lots of track time and fantastic displays of historic racing, as it used to be! Let’s go racing!
30.09.2022 02.10.2022
MotorsportIndianapolis, United States
Are you ready for a visit to The Brickyard? The final event of the 2022 Masters US Tour will take us to the first circuit to use the name ‘Speedway’ and another ‘first’ as we get the opportunity to race at Indianapolis Motor Speedway! The home of the Indy 500 and former home of the United States Formula One Grand Prix will play host to the Yokohama Drivers Cup USA, who we joined forces with last year at Sonoma. Indianapolis Motor Speedway opened in 1909 and is the largest and highest-capacity sports venue in the world. We will be racing on the 2.4-mile FIA 1 grade infield circuit. Come and join us at a race track that is loaded with history! (and tick off the tradition of kissing the bricks in the process!)
October 2022
RallySussex, United Kingdom
Hero Challenge Three
An area synonymous with motorsport, thanks to Goodwood, there are rousing rally roads as well, with the glorious Sussex Downs on the doorstep. Our first return to the area for some time, but one we are all looking forward to.
01.10.2022 02.10.2022
EventAalst, Belgium
Open hours at Marreyt Classic Cars
Following our successful 'Open Hours at Marreyt' in spring, we are pleased to invite you to our first autumn edition. On 1st and 2nd October, we open our doors for you to discover our latest treasures and realise your classic dream with Marreyt Classic Cars. We welcome you between 11:00 and 17:00, next weekend, on Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd October. Coffee and cake will be ready, hope to see you then.
02.10.2022 07.10.2022
Motorsport Italy
Modena Cento Ore
Created at the dawn of the new millennium, the Modena Cento Ore combines glorious classic cars and gentlemen drivers, classic motorsport and tourism, exciting roads and breathtaking landscapes, as well as culinary delights and great wines. The challenge will be tough, with circuit races and special stages on uphill roads closed to traffic. You can choose to battle in tough races in the Competition section or opt for a lighter but still challenging experience in the Regularity section, which follows the exact same route, including racetracks and closed road stages. The grids will be limited as usual to 100 cars, to make sure that we are able to keep the tight-knit and friendly atmosphere we really care about. Cento Ore: one hundred memorable hours from the scrutineering to the podium ceremony!
02.10.2022 08.10.2022
Rally France
Tour de Corse Historique
Five days of competition in a unique atmosphere between competitors, spectators and inhabitants of the towns crossed, on an unprecedented course of more than 900 km, composed for this year of 18 special stages on closed roads, i.e. 350 km of timed stages alternating with 550 km of links.
05.10.2022 26.10.2022
Rally Suriname
Great Amazon Adventure
05.10.2022 07.10.2022
Rally France
Alpine Rally
This rally is a leisure event, open to all Alpine owners from 1955 to 2022, which aims to be friendly, without competition and without special preparation.
06.10.2022 09.10.2022
RallyKnokke, Belgium
Zoute Grand Prix Week
ZOUTE GRAND PRIX WEEK is a world of high-end lifestyle and art events, with cars at the centre of attention. Proposing a diverse variety of Rallies, GT Tours, Car and Art Expositions, Concours d’Elégance’s and sales.
07.10.2022 09.10.2022
FairMannhaim, Germany
VETERAMA is a “market of veterans” which since 1975 has developed into Europe’s largest market for classical and vintage vehicles. Nowadays more than 4.000 exhibitors from all over Europe visit Mannheim on the second weekend in October. There they meet almost 50.000 collectors searching for sought-after spare parts or whole vehicles. In order for collectors not to have to wait a full year for their next round of searches, VETERAMA also opens its gates in the springtime. For 30 years the VETERAMA spring kick-off-event was hosted by the city of Ludwigshafen, but was rather a regional event. Since 1992 the event at the Friedrich-Ebert-Park area was split into a “weekend for cars and motorcycles” and a pure “weekend for two-wheelers”. For many years more and more exhibitors and visitors asked for another international VETERAMA weekend at the start of the season following the pattern of the Mannheim event. The search for a new exhibition area was finally successful. The Hockenheimring Baden-Württemberg now is the perfect location for VETERAMA to become the “largest vintage car market in Europe” in the springtime, too. In the pit lane, the glass pavilion, and the whole paddock you now meet not only exhibitors and collectors from all over Europe, but also all the renowned old-timer clubs present themselves. The open air spaces along the Ring become discovery sites for spare parts, accessories, reading material, service providers for all topics concerning vintage vehicles, and a lot of historical technology. Whoever is looking for new activities in his home workshop, can strike a bonanza at the Hockenheimring. VETERAMA is THE location for finds of long sought-after parts and vehicles.
07.10.2022 09.10.2022
Motorsport Portugal
Estoril Classics
Whether at Imola, Monza, Vallelunga or Mugello, every season of historic races by Peter Auto includes an event in Italy, the cradle of the most beautiful and prestigious sports cars. This year is no exception to the tradition! Racing in Italy always provides a special emotion. Homeland of the best sports brands – Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Lancia, Maserati … – authentic automobile jewel in the collective imagination. Earth of anthology circuits, Imola, Monza, Mugello, Pescara, Vallelunga … – arenas of the finest mechanical games. Italy is also the home of the tifosi, the unconditional supporters of the Scuderia Ferrari. And finally the proximity of Florence adds an additional touch of charm to this event giving it a touristic and cultural dimension that encourages competitors to bring along their families.
11.10.2022 15.10.2022
Rally Spain
The national GT tour
The most beautiful valley in Portugal, with an exclusive touring, cultural and gastronomical experience. The Douro Valley could easily be called the enchanted valley, such is the beauty and magic that its landscapes offer. With its typical terraced vineyards, alongside some of Portugal most beautiful roads, the Douro Valley is the oldest demarcated wine region in the world, and hosts notably two UNESCO World Heritage sites. For its second edition, the National GT Tour explores a road less travelled, to offer an exclusive touring, cultural and gastronomical experience, with over 4 Michelin stars along the route.
13.10.2022 16.10.2022
Motorsport Malta
Malta Classic
The Malta Classic has its origins in October 2007, when French entrepreneur and classic car enthusiast Thierry Giovannoni organised Malta’s first ever Classic Car Grand Prix on the ring road of Valletta, bringing some of Europe’s finest classic cars to Malta to tour the island and race wheel to wheel on the Valletta circuit. In April 2009 enthusiasts brought together by this event set up the Valletta Grand Prix Foundation to carry on what Giovannoni had started. In 2011 the Malta Classic was transferred to its current home in Mdina, where it celebrates vintage style and speed against an historic backdrop.
13.10.2022 16.10.2022
RallyPalermo, Italy
Targa Florio Classica
The Targa Florio is one of the oldest and most famous car races in the world. The "Cursa", wanted, created and organized by Vincenzo Florio, took place, from 1906 to 1977 as a speed race and from 1978 as a rally racing competition. Over the years, the scenery of the Madonie Park, a naturalistic, historical and artistic heritage, characterized by rugged mountains overlooking the sea of Sicily, has been the theatre of the exploits of the most famous drivers of the entire international car-racing panorama. Drivers of the calibre of Albert Divo, Achille Varzi,Tazio Nuvolari, Stirling Moss, Vic Elford, Graham Hill and Nino Vaccarella, just to name a few of them, raced and won, on the historic “Madonie Mountains Circuit”.
18.10.2022 22.10.2022
Rally France
Rallye des Legendes
Peter Auto’s latest ambition is to see the most beautiful wonders produced by the world’s motor car industry roaring along French roads again in an exceptional rally, thus reinforcing its role in celebrating the “art de vivre” with the backing of its faithful partner, Richard Mille. The first two staging in 2018 and 2019 was successful and the next one promises more marvellous surprises in exceptional settings.
18.10.2022 23.10.2022
Rally France
Trophée en Corse
The 29th TROPHEE EN CORSE marks 35 years of events organised by RALLYSTORY. In 1987 we were pioneers in the organisation of touring rallies, with our event ‘10,000 Virages en Corse’, and by the end of this year we will have successfully arranged more than 210 events.
20.10.2022 23.10.2022
FairPadova, Italy
Auto e Moto d'Epoca
Auto e Moto d’Epoca in Padua is the biggest vintage car and spare parts market in Europe, and has been the biggest international event for motoring enthusiasts and for fans of the wider culture tied to the automotive field for years. At Auto e Moto d’Epoca, collectors and aficionados can choose between more than 4,000 cars put up for sale by the main car manufacturers, and find original spare parts and automobilia of all prices and makes. Moreover, the history and culture of engines live at Auto e Moto d’Epoca: visitors to the Show delve into the past while touching the present and the future of the car world. For this reason, too, Auto e Moto d'Epoca is an intergenerational event that can excite everyone - men, women, young people, fans or anyone who is simply curious. An event that leaves you with beauty, dreams and creativity.
22.10.2022 20.11.2022
Rally Argentina
Lima To Cape Horn
Starting at sea level in Lima, Peru, only six days later we will sleep at over 3,600 metres in La Paz, the Bolivian capital. The salt flats of Bolivia and north western Argentina will give way to the green vineyards of Mendoza. Following the Andes south, we enter the breath-taking lake district around Bariloche before making our way into Chile, where the days will get decidedly cooler as the scenery becomes ever more dramatic. Glaciers and deep blue lakes surrounded by snow peaked mountains will abound before we finally enter magical Patagonia where our destination is the city at the end of the earth, Ushuaia.
24.10.2022 27.10.2022
Rally United Kingdom
West Country Cloverleaf
The rally will explore Dartmoor's open moorland with rocky tors and free-roaming ponies, and the chocolate box villages in the surrounding valleys, as well as venturing into less-well known and quieter Bodmin Moor and discovering coastline from the surf beaches of north Devon to the craggy headlands of Poldark's Cornwall. As with previous Cloverleaf events, the emphasis will be on quirky fun and a touch of the unexpected, although rest assured that cream teas will definitely be on the menu! We will have exclusive use of the stunning accommodation at Hotel Endsleigh, set in 100 acres of private parkland. The hotel overlooks the River Tamar that, as well as forming the boundary between Devon and Cornwall, is designated an "Area of Outstandind Natural Beauty". The start and finish location will be further east within easy reach of the M5 corridor.
28.10.2022 30.10.2022
Motorsport Portugal
Sunshine, beaches and historic cars. Join us in vibrant Portimão for the Masters 2022 UK & European Tour season finale! ! The fabulous Autódromo Internacional do Algarve will welcome us once again to its annual Algarve Classic Festival on this modern GP circuit that is full of challenges! Enjoy some stunning local beaches, beautiful scenery, countless great restaurants nearby and a racing festival atmosphere. Finally, we want to celebrate with you all Portuguese-style! We will host our 2022 Awards Party after the event! Join us for a Portuguese-styled relaxed dinner and drinks to celebrate and reminisce about the 2022 season!
November 2022
02.11.2022 27.11.2022
Rally Australia
The Tiger Tasmania
From the squeaky white sand and lichen-splashed granite of the east coast to the alpine plateaus of Cradle Mountain, Tasmania punches well above its weight when it comes to natural beauty. The stunning Tiger Tasmania Rally not only explores this island state but also provides a chance to see some of the best places in Victoria.
02.11.2022 06.11.2022
MotorsportDaytone, United States
Treat yourself to the thrills and spills of Daytona International Speedway at the 7th running of the HSR Classic 24-Hour. The 2.5-mile tri-oval home of the Daytona 500, will be host to a fantastic weekend of historic endurance racing. With pit stops, driver changes and skillful race strategies, each car will be given the chance to compete in 4 races over 24 hours on the famous 31-degree high speed banking! And if you need a break away from the track action, there is always the famous Daytona Beach to escape to…
03.11.2022 06.11.2022
RallyBlackpool, United Kingdom
RAC Rally of the Tests 2022 Blackpool to Torquay
The 20th Anniversary of the Rally that is the ultimate test of both driving ability and endurance. If there was a choice of only ever doing one event again, many seasoned entrants would surely choose the beguiling and perennial RAC Rally of the Tests – The one they all want to win.
RallyLondon, United Kingdom
London to Brighton
1896 Harry Lawson formed the first motoring club in the UK. This Club celebrated the passing into law on 14 November 1896 of the Light Locomotives on the Highway Act by driving 60 miles from London to Brighton. The 1896 Act of Parliament raised the speed limit for 'light locomotives' not exceeding 3 tons, from 4 mph to 14 mph. The Act abolished the requirement for the cars to be preceded by a man on foot with a red flag.
11.11.2022 12.11.2022
Rally United Kingdom
Rally Revival
18.11.2022 20.11.2022
Fair Belgium
Interclassics Brussels
Visit us & have a drink at our stand!
30.11.2022 04.12.2022
MotorsportFlorida, United States
What better combination can you find than Vintage Race Cars and Vintage Planes? The HSR Classic Sebring 12 Hour event offers them both! Masters Endurance Legends cars are invited to join HSR run groups at this great event on a circuit that has plenty of challenges to keep you entertained! It’s a chance to enjoy some winter sunshine in Florida before the off-season! Let’s finish off in the sun … Make sure you don’t miss this last race of the year with our friends at HSR!
December 2022
03.12.2022 06.12.2022
Rally United Kingdom
Le Jog
Considered by crews as one of the most demanding and challenging events in Europe and a definite to be ticked on your “must do” events list! HERO’s Land’s End to John O’Groats Reliability Trial is open to cars of a specification built before 1986. Running in December, tough conditions are to be expected, but no-one crosses the finish line without a smile on their face. The event has been tackled and completed by novice crews in the past, however, we would recommend undertaking less advanced events as a preparatory measure prior to competing on Le Jog.
04.12.2022 07.12.2022
Rally Italy
Coppa delle alpi
Exact dates not yet known in 2022.
09.12.2022 11.12.2022
FairKortrijk, Belgium
Prewar Days
Prewar Days is an international old-timer fair that puts the pre-war car sector in the spotlight. The oldtimer fair takes place in Waregem Expo, where one can expect a richly filled pallet of pre-war cars, motorbikes, art and parts. With this concept, Prewar Days is so far the only one of its kind!
January 2023
19.01.2023 22.01.2023
RallyCovasna, Romania
Romania Historic Rally
The new edition of the Winter Romania Historic Rally will take place from 19 to 22 January 2023, still on the same forest roads of Comandaü, in Transylvania, in one of the coldest regions of Romania. The masterful snow-covered and icy forest roads of the Comandaü plateau will be a safe bet, providing unique driving and sliding pleasures for all competitors.
31.01.2023 07.02.2023
Rally Monaco
Rallye Monte-Carlo Historique
The Organising Committee of the Automobile Club de Monaco has decided to refocus on the Principality in order to orchestrate the festivities of this 90th edition. More than 95% modified compared to last year, the course combines conservatism and originality, with very demanding time trials, drawn for the occasion in the Alpes-Maritimes and Alpes-de-Haute-Provence departments.
February 2023
01.02.2023 05.02.2023
FairParis, France
Retromobile : the event that makes Paris into the collectors cars capital
Retromobile : the event that makes Paris into the collectors cars capital Rétromobile is THE event for anyone interested in vintage cars. THE FIRST SHOW OF THE SEASON FOR VINTAGE CAR ENTHUSIASTS Journey through time and live the dream. Thrill at the exhibits, gather information, make investments. Meet artists, clubs and federations, booksellers, rally organisers, sellers of spare parts and scale models, restorers, car sellers, auction houses, mechanics, insurers, and carmakers: Bentley, Bugatti, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Ferrari, Citroën, Peugeot, Renault, Lancia, Alfa Romeo, Skoda, Jaguar, Land rover, Ferrari, Aston Martin, Maserati, Lamborghini……the list goes on. EXCLUSIVE EXHIBITIONS AND EVENTS The exhibitions presented to visitors make Rétromobile into an outstanding event and are a new opportunity to discover or rediscover outstanding models and collections, with dynamic displays showcasing legendary vehicles. COLLECTORS CARS AUCTION
03.02.2023 05.02.2023
FairBremen, Germany
Bremen Classic Motor Show
The Bremen Classic Motor Show provides a broad basis for specialist and private visitors: more than 600 dealers and private sellers from 12 countries offer cars, motorbikes, spare parts, restoration equipment and automobiles for sale. In addition, more than 100 clubs of different makes surprise the public with imaginative presentations.
04.02.2023 10.02.2023
RallyBerchtesgaden, Slovenia
The Winter Trial
The Winter Trial is a six day regularity rally for classic cars which takes place in the winter. It is an experience driving on snow roads through rough landscapes whilst navigation your way and try to stay as close at the set times.
05.02.2023 09.02.2023
RallyMonte Carlo, France
Winter Challenge to Monte-Carlo 2023 France
Standing firm with new tradition, the 22nd Winter Challenge to Monte-Carlo will be held entirely on French roads to offer crews maximum time in the wintery conditions craved by competitors brave enough to challenge themselves and their motorcar on this red status event. The Winter Challenge plays on the charm and rustic authenticity of its innovative values which helps to keep the original winter classic rally quite unique.
11.02.2023 15.02.2023
Rally France
Rally Neige et Glace
Thanks to the success of the event's return to the Doubs and the Jura, and its base camp in Malbuisson, the 68th RALLYE NEIGE ET GLACE remains true to the fundamentals that have shaped the history of the most sporting of winter events. The winter event, both sporting and friendly, will be held at the Peugeot Adventure Museum in Sochaux from 11 February 2023 for technical and administrative checks, which will be the prelude to a wild first night stage to Malbuisson, the rally centre for three days. France's 'little Siberia' offers all the necessary assets to hold this extraordinary event with three 100% sporting loops traced on forest paths on the edge of the Swiss border, between the Doubs and the Jura. Snow, ice and sliding are on the programme of a triptych which succeeds in achieving the perfect alchemy between sporting regularity, the pleasure of driving and a conviviality found around the same site and an irreproachable hotel in terms of its comfort and the quality of its table.
23.02.2023 26.02.2023
FairStuttgart, Germany
Retro Classic Stuttgart
In an extravagant ambience, exhibitors from many parts of the world present valuable rarities from all eras of automotive history. Experience nostalgia and elegance with everything that goes with it: first-class special shows, a large parts market and a fast-paced supporting programme.
25.02.2023 27.02.2023
FairLondon+South East, United Kingdom
London Classic Car Show
We’ll be celebrating 135 years of automotive history under our headline theme of ‘The Evolution of Design” at The London Classic Car Show at Syon Park come the culmination of lockdown at the end of June. Where better to start this magical journey down memory lane than with a single-cylinder, three-wheeled 1886 Benz Motorwagen, the pioneering vehicle created by Carl Benz that is widely regarded as the world’s very first production car. Only one of Benz’s original game-changing designs remains and that’s safely under lock and key in the Mercedes Museum. A number of exacting replicas, however, have been produced with official access to that original Benz and one of these remarkable ground-breakers will be taking pride of position at one end of the ‘Evolution of Design’ collection at this summer’s sparkling show.
March 2023
02.03.2023 05.03.2023
ConcoursAmelia Island, United States
Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance
A Jacksonville native, Bill Warner, had a long and successful career in the automotive industry before The Amelia even started. In 1996, after years of working as an automotive photographer, journalist and driver, the public relations team from the Ritz-Carlton, Amelia Island reached out to Warner in hopes of finding a champion to build an automotive event on their campus. Warner didn’t consider himself a “concours guy” and agreed to help with the caveat that the show give back to the community. The inaugural event took place in April of 1996. Warner used his connections in the automotive world to advertise, report on and sponsor the event. The Amelia would attract personalities from across the automotive landscape, from legendary drivers who would serve as the event’s yearly honorees to automotive designers to television personalities and industry executives. Without Warner, along with his small, dedicated staff and an incredible group of volunteers, The Amelia would never have been what it was then or what it has become today. Warner and his team’s hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed. The Amelia won the coveted “Motoring Event of the Year” distinction from the International Historic Motoring Awards both in 2013 and 2016. The event’s economic impact to Florida is estimated to be close to $30 million a year and the charitable giving aspect of the show has grown as well, with over $4 million donated to charities to date. The charitable component lives on in 2022, with a portion of the proceeds from The Amelia going to Community Hospice & Palliative Care, Spina Bifida of Jacksonville and Shop with Cops. Armed with decades of experience hosting car-centric events and a purpose to save driving and car culture for future generations, Hagerty is beyond excited to take over as the host of The Amelia. In 2021, the Amelia Island Concours staff joined the Hagerty team and continue to provide their unmatched expertise and historic knowledge on how to run a successful, legendary automotive event. 2022 promises to bring the same celebratory, iconic energy of the events from previous years, with even more opportunities to delight car lovers – of all ages.
02.03.2023 05.03.2023
Concours Australia
Sydney Harbour Concours d'Elegance
The fourth edition of the AXA Sydney Harbour Concours d’Elegance is scheduled for the 3 – 5 March 2022. The setting will continue to be the lush gardens of Swifts, one of Australia’s finest mansions, built in 1875. Once again the stunning collection of carefully curated motor cars will be displayed on the lawns of the heritage-listed late-Victorian castellated Gothic Revival mansion with its wonderful history, described by the Australian Heritage Council as, “perhaps the grandest house remaining in Sydney”.
03.03.2023 05.03.2023
FairAntwerpen, Belgium
Antwerp Classic Salon
For 44 years, the Antwerp Classic Salon has been the meeting place par excellence for the Belgian old-timer clubs (and meanwhile also several Dutch clubs).
10.03.2023 12.03.2023
MotorsportVictoria, Australia
The Phillip Island Classic Festival is another popular offering of the Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit. This renowned Motorsport festival runs for three days in the month of March. With over 500 entries, many from overseas, the event is a major tourist draw in Australia. The event is also known for several new launches of sports vehicles and promotions of future events such as anniversaries of sports car companies and upcoming sporting events in Australia and other countries. This action-packed car racing event not only invites you to enjoy watching many races but also offers you an opportunity to get up and close with some of the newest international stars. Each year, a number of drivers come to this historic event to showcase their talents through some world-class racing.
17.03.2023 18.03.2023
Rally United Kingdom
Three Legs of Mann 2023 Isle of Man
The Isle of Man needs little introduction to petrolheads of any persuasion. For more than a century its unyielding and constricted lanes have hosted two and four wheeled competitions at the very highest echelons of world motorsport. Giants have walked here, and if the legends are to be believed then Mann itself was created by the Irish giant, Finn McCool. But the thing about the Isle of Man, is that whilst sporting giants compete here, participating alongside them have always been normal folk, as well as the fairies, pitting themselves against the best, standing on the shoulders of giants.
RallyKnokke-Heist, Belgium
Zoute generations rally
A 1-day rally with arrival in Knokke-Heist, exclusively for family teams to introduce the younger generations to the love of historic cars. With safety at the heart of everything we do, we set up an educational programme of a series of tests, teaching our younger amateurs how to properly drive and master their beloved oldtimer. Of course, a delicious lunch will be provided and we will conclude with a large family dinner in Zoute style at night.
31.03.2023 02.04.2023
Rally Italy
Mugello Classic
Whether at Imola, Monza, Vallelunga or Mugello, every season of historic races by Peter Auto includes an event in Italy, the cradle of the most beautiful and prestigious sports cars. This year is no exception to the tradition! Racing in Italy always provides a special emotion. Homeland of the best sports brands – Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Lancia, Maserati … – authentic automobile jewel in the collective imagination. Earth of anthology circuits, Imola, Monza, Mugello, Pescara, Vallelunga … – arenas of the finest mechanical games. Italy is also the home of the tifosi, the unconditional supporters of the Scuderia Ferrari. And finally the proximity of Florence adds an additional touch of charm to this event giving it a touristic and cultural dimension that encourages competitors to bring along their families.
April 2023
12.04.2023 16.04.2023
FairEssen, Germany
Techno-Classica Essen
With approx. 1,250 exhibitors, over 200 club presentations and around 20 official booths of international automobile manufacturers, Techno-Classica Essen again made the Ruhr metropolis the capital of the classic vehicle universe on its 30th birthday. The protagonists on the international classic vehicle and automobile scene congregated here: enthusiasts who, with heart and soul, ensure the preservation of automobile cultural heritage. In the redesigned fair halls in Essen, they presented the entire spectrum of the classic vehicle world to the over 190,000 visitors from 46 nations. The guests were able to admire over 2,700 connoisseurs' and collectors' vehicles offered for sale there - and to acquire them directly on the spot.
14.04.2023 16.04.2023
FairBudapest, Hungary
Oldtimer Show
14.04.2023 16.04.2023
Rally United Kingdom
Flying Scotsman Vintage Rally 2023
The 13th Flying Scotsman Vintage Rally 2023 Full Steam Ahead Firth of Clyde to Glenagles After being forced to spend a few years resting in the sidings, the Flying Scotsman – the UK’s premier rally designed exclusively for Vintage motorcars – once again built up a full head of steam and returned to the ‘tracks’ in 2022. This blue riband event saw over 90 of the finest pre-war vehicles take to the scenic byways of Northern England and Scotland, bringing great joy to both the participants and the spectators who lined the route. Since its first outing in 2009, the Flying Scotsman has built its own very special place on the vintage motoring calendar. There is a definite magic about it, it is escapism at its very best, providing an opportunity to abscond from the tumult of the modern world and drift back to a time when the roads were not so saturated, and life was simpler. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Well, planning is already underway for the next edition, timetabled for 14 – 16 April 2023. The spring adventure will depart the shores of the Firth of Clyde on a three-day exploration of Scotland and the North of England, finishing at the palatial Gleneagles, with each day packed full of fine roads, tremendous company, friendly competition (suitable for all levels of experience) and of course, exquisite cars.
18.04.2023 22.04.2023
RallyOlite, Spain
The Pyrenees 1000 Rally
24.04.2023 28.04.2023
Rally United Kingdom
Scottish Malts 2023 Scotland
The iconic Scottish Malts completes its biennial cycle and returns in 2023 for its 18th running. In recent years, the ‘Malts’ has established itself as a firm favourite with both new and experienced crews so with a return to Gleneagles for both start and finish venues, we expect a strong demand for entries. For those who are unfamiliar with the event, crews can expect to mix some of the best driving roads that Scotland has to offer, along with stunning scenery and visits to many of the distilleries that are dotted around this unique country. Along the way we will also take in other special locations to help make the event even more memorable.
28.04.2023 30.04.2023
RallySaint-Tropez, France
Rallye Père-Fille
In parallel of the Rallye Père-Fils™ (Father&Son), the Rallye Père-Fille™ (Father&Daughter) is a unique weekend event in which fathers and daughters who appreciate the finer things in life can take part in a regularity race open to GTs of all periods. The Rallye Père-Fille™ brings together different generations of pilots and copilots, and different generations of cars. Beyond the attention to detail brought to the organisation of this event, this generational diversity is what gives this classic event such singular appeal.
May 2023
06.05.2023 18.05.2023
Rally Spain
Via Iberica Classic
The Via Iberica Classic brings you in 11 days from Valencia to Santiago de Compostela. We take the smaller roads to the west towards Cordoba. Each half day the scenery changes completely, there is one constant factor however: The great driving. From Cordoba we go to Evora in Portugal, we drive along the Douro river with its excellent vineyards and drive some of the most magnific high mountain passes to our destination, Santiago de Compostela. A maximum of 30 participants.
19.05.2023 21.05.2023
Rally Italy
Gran Premio Terre di Canossa
An extraordinary drive along roads where Matilda of Canossa, Queen of Italy in the 12th century, once walked A journey passing through culturally significant cities, wonderful scenery, ancient castles, gently rolling green hills, unspoilt mountain passes and enchanting villages A challenging and demanding race for classic and supercars for all those wanting to experience it with stopwatch in hand, with enjoyable timed trials and tough average speed trials A regularity rally second only to the Mille Miglia in terms of international importance A green event, with zero CO2 emissions, discover our sustainable approach An opportunity to enjoy some truly unforgettable moments with exclusive evening events set in unique locations, exciting food and wine tours, a taste of traditional fare and the creativity of the best Michelin-starred chefs A perfect blend of beautiful cars, competition, tourism, gastronomy and relaxation A meeting place for gentlemen drivers and gourmands in an atmosphere marked by friendship, relaxation and the sharing of common passions
19.05.2023 21.05.2023
MotorsportSpa, Belgium
Spa Classic
The 24 Hours of Le Mans race has Le Mans Classic and the 24 Hours of Spa, Spa-Classic, but because of different philosophical approaches there has been very little similarity between the two events for many years. The former gives pride of place to sports prototypes and the latter is for Touring cars alone. The two Heritage Touring Cup races, one run in daytime and the other at night, pay homage to this Belgian singularity. On track are saloons and coupes that raced in the event between 1966 and 1984: Alfa Romeo 1750 GTAMs, BMW 3.0 CSLs, Chevrolet Camaros, Ford Capris, Jaguar XJSs, etc. While production cars have a special place in the Ardennes, the sports prototypes and GTs are not forgotten either. Ferrari 250 GTs, Porsche 917s, Ford GT40s and Jaguar XJR-9s, all former participants in the 1 000 km or 6 Hours of Spa are all back at the circuit in their respective grids. Spa-Francorchamps has often been described as the most beautiful circuit in the world and it could also be qualified as a photographers’ paradise. There are few race courses in the world where spectators can do a full lap on foot without ever losing sight of the track. The la Source hairpin, Eau Rouge the Raidillon , the Combes Esses, the Malmédy corner, the Pouhon double left-hander and the curve at Blanchimont all provide spectacular viewing points. And to finish off your walk visit the exhibitions, activities and boutiques installed in the paddock.
20.05.2023 21.05.2023
Fair United Kingdom
Supercars & Classics Weekend
Supercars & Classics Weekend has built upon the success of The London Classic Car Show, as one of the industry’s leading showcases of the UK’s finest classic and supercar car dealers, automotive products, lifestyle brands and services. We would love to work with you to create the perfect exhibition, sponsorship and branding options designed to suit your business needs. Take a look at our video and testimonials from last year’s event to hear all about what Supercars & Classics Weekend can offer your business.
27.05.2023 28.05.2023
Motorsport United Kingdom
The Masters Historic Festival returns to the majestic Brands Hatch Grand Prix circuit for two days of sublime, fuel-injected nostalgia in May. Masters Racing Legends (F1 cars from '70s & '80s) will headline the meeting as a range of retro F1 machines return to a circuit that’s changed little since they raced there in period. Manufacturers including McLaren, Williams, Lotus and Tyrrell are set to be represented. Other highlights will include the Masters Endurance Legends for ‘90s and ‘00s Le Mans challengers, plus the Masters Sports Car Legends for earlier ‘60s and ‘70s long-distance machinery. The meeting will also feature sublime grids of GT cars from the Masters Gentleman Drivers, retro tin top entertainment from the Masters Pre-66 Touring Cars.
June 2023
06.06.2023 08.06.2023
ConcoursLondon, United Kingdom
London Concours
AN AUTOMOTIVE GARDEN PARTY AT THE HEART OF THE CITY A DISPLAY OF SOME OF THE WORLD’S FINEST CARS IN THE INTIMATE SETTING OF THE GARDENS OF THE HONOURABLE ARTILLERY COMPANY. The London Concours, presented by Montres Breguet, is a luxurious automotive garden party hosted right in the heart of the City of London from Tuesday 28th – Thursday 30th June. This hugely exciting automobile extravaganza will see 80 of the world’s most precious cars gather in the gardens of the historic and beautiful Honourable Artillery Company Headquarters and will include a ferocious collection of horsepower arranged in specially curated and themed displays chosen by the London Concours Steering Committee. The three days offer entertainment on the lawns, beautiful retails chalets with luxury brands and artisan goods, and a delicious selection of food and beverages to match. If you are looking for a unique backdrop for a business meeting with either breakfast or lunch included, then London Concours is your solution. We very much look forward to welcoming you to the Artillery Gardens this summer.
07.06.2023 11.06.2023
RallySpa, Belgium
Spa Francorchamp Revival
A unique event in Wallonia For 5 days, from 7 to 11 June 2023, come and experience a unique automotive event in the heart of the Belgian Ardennes, in Spa. Departure and arrival in Spa, the city of the automobile in Belgium. Carefully selected roads through the Belgian Ardennes. A beautiful route for the drivers Culinary stops at unique locations. Discovery and regularity rallies - Classic Cars & modern GTs Gala dinner at the Casino & Reunion evening in the presence of many personalities Discovery and passage on the Spa-Francorchamps circuit Exhibition of exceptional cars that have marked the history of Spa Francorchamps Concours d'élégance
10.06.2023 11.06.2023
MotorsportLe Mans, France
Le Mans 24 Hours
The Le Mans 24 Hours is a motor race that has been held on the 13.626 km Circuit de la Sarthe in Le Mans since 1923. The circuit is named after the Sarthe River, on which Le Mans is located. The circuit is driven 'clockwise'.
11.06.2023 16.07.2023
Rally France
The Greatest Motoring Adventure – Peking to Paris 2022
The Greatest Motoring Adventure – Peking to Paris 2022 June – July 2023 The Peking to Paris Motor Challenge is unique in the motoring world – a true endurance motor rally following in the wheel-tracks of the original pioneers of 1907. Driving an old car nearly halfway around the world with a bunch of like-minded enthusiasts, against the clock, with the added spice of timed sections, makes Peking to Paris the longest and toughest driving challenge for Vintage and Classic cars. The 2022 Peking to Paris Motor Challenge will now take place in 2023.
14.06.2023 17.06.2023
RallyBrescia, Italy
Mille Miglia - “La corsa più bella del mondo”
The origins of the thousand-mile race (Italian: “mille miglia”) lie in the age-old rivalry between Milan and Brescia. After the contract for the construction of Italy’s first Grand Prix track in Monza near Milan was awarded in 1925, resourceful merchants from Brescia countered with a virtual race track: instead of a circuit, the same track length as in the Grand Prix, namely 1,600 kilometers, should be driven overland. A race across the Italian peninsula, with a prestigious apex in the Eternal City
22.06.2023 25.06.2023
MotorsportWest Sussex, United Kingdom
Goodwood Festival of Speed
The world's greatest celebration of motorsport and car culture! Held in the beautiful parkland surrounding Goodwood House, the Festival of Speed presented by Mastercard is motorsport's ultimate summer garden party, an intoxicating celebration of the world's most glamorous sport. Nowhere else will you get so close to the cars and bikes as they blast up the Hillclimb track; nowhere else will you enjoy such unrestricted access to the machines and the drivers who made them famous.
29.06.2023 02.07.2023
MotorsportLe Mans, France
Le Mans Classic offers a formidable retrospective of the 24 Hours of Le Mans. The event, acclaimed from its very first edition, has continued to grow and attracted over 195,000 spectators in 2018. It is the largest gathering of classic cars with over 700 racing cars on the track and 8,500 classic cars displayed in the specially designed enclosures.
EventZolder, Belgium
Historic Grand Prix Zolder
The Historic Grand Prix is vintage fast moving history! The demo by old Officina Caira formula 1 cars will transport you back to Zolder’s races in the ’60s and ’70s. We’ll go back even further with the FIA Lurani Trophy, the grandfathers of Formula 4: long, colourful cigars on wheels. And of course, the handsome lads of the Belcar Historic Cup and Youngtimer Trophy will be there as well. The Kampf der Zwerge races are also a magnificent spectacle with Simca, Cinquecento, NSU, Mini Cooper and more. And on Sunday, the Concours d’élégance will feature some very unique, remarkable and exclusive classic cars.
July 2023
07.07.2023 09.07.2023
EventBaden-Baden, Germany
International Oldtimer-Meeting Baden-Baden
In 1976, the first oldtimer meeting took place with about 35 historic vehicles and 1,000 visitors. Since then, more than 350 old-timers have been admired by more than 20,000 old-timer enthusiasts from all over Europe. Each event also focuses on a different brand. We are delighted to welcome Mercedes-Benz with its special show on 70 years of Fascination SL as the guest of honour at this year's classic car meeting. Translated with (free version)
13.07.2023 16.07.2023
Rally Italy
Coppa d ‘Oro delle Dolomiti
Coppa d’Oro delle Dolomiti: an unforgettable edition is about to start Spotlight on the 2022 edition of the Coppa d ‘Oro delle Dolomiti, the third event of the Campionato Italiano Grandi Eventi, which promises to be an edition that will remain etched in the memory of fans of regularity races. The event organized by the Automobile Club di Belluno and the Automobile Club d’Italia (with the collaboration of the ACI Storico Club and ACI Sport) will take place from 14th to 17th July 2022 in the extraordinary scenery of the Dolomites, recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. An exceptional stage for the more than 70 crews from 10 different countries including Belgium, Germany, Greece, England, Holland and non-European countries such as Japan.
14.07.2023 16.07.2023
MotorsportZandvoort, Netherlands
Historic Grand Prix Zandvoort
The Historic Grand Prix takes you back in time. It is a unique experience that goes further than just racing. From the classic cars, the clothes, the music, to the food in the food courts: the Historic Grand Prix is a lifestyle. It’s bucket list material for every car enthusiast or explorer. You want to be there and be part of this unique experience!
August 2023
20.08.2023 09.09.2023
Rally United States
The Trans-America Challenge
The Trans-America August – September 2023 America is a land intrinsically linked with the automobile, and whilst the United States cannot lay a claim to being the ones that invented the contraption that we are all obsessed with, thanks to the likes of Ford and Durant et al. the motor car became something that would touch the lives of many and not just a few. It is a country that has inspired many, with its tall tales, cities that reach up to the heavens, huge landscapes and its all-encompassing skies. There is a long tradition of travel and a pull to enjoy life on the road, whether that be mounted on a Hogg on route 66, cruising in a Cadillac on the road to nowhere on highway 3 or following in the footsteps of Kerouac, Moriarty and Ginsberg, on the road is very much a way of life.
May 2024
10.05.2024 12.05.2024
Motorsport Monaco
Grand Prix de Monaco Historique