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Experience Room at Knokke

A classic car is more than a car, it’s an experience.

We bring that unique experience to life in our Experience Room at Knokke. Monthly themes highlight various aspects of the rich old-timer history and the Experience Room is where we can show you the dream, the discovery, the craftsmanship and bring you the connection to the classic car experience. Step into the fascinating world of the classic car!


It always starts with a dream … Each of us has our own classic car dream. At the Experience Room you can admire remarkable and iconic Marreyt classic cars. Every month we exhibit one or two cars that embody the theme with their exceptional story and unique identity.


No richer story than that of the classic car world ... Every month we highlight one of the many themes in old-timer history. The video wall displays the theme and maps out its historic role; a specific decade in classic car history, the vision of a car builder like Bugatti in the 1920s, the role of a car mechanic like Zagato, the evolution of voitures de ville ... There are unlimited topics of conversation and each has a significance within the classic car experience.

You can also discover our very own Marreyt story in the Experience Room. As a classic car specialist with more than thirty years of craftsmanship and passion for the profession, we also have our own timeline with surprising milestones. View the most memorable stories and events of the Marreyt journey, such as the account of the restored concept of the Bugatti T57 Gangloff, the exceptional restoration of the Aston Martin DB4, the first prize at the Villa d’Este concours d’élégance or the memories of our Mille Miglia participations ...


The classic car experience goes hand in hand with ultimate craftsmanship. Patient and meticulous restoration reveals the true, authentic beauty and sophistication of your car and restores your classic car to its former glory.

At the Experience Room we give you a glimpse of the beating heart of Marreyt by means of a livestream of the workshop. Our experience sessions can give you a real feel for the classic car expertise and finesse.


Nothing makes your classic car experience more valuable than being able to share your passion with like-minded people. At the Experience Room you will enter a space that brings together connoisseurs and classic car enthusiasts in a familiar, casual yet stylish setting.

In our meeting room you will get to know other classic car enthusiasts, including ourselves, and you can exchange experiences.

Experience Room

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