Newsletter Marreyt Classic Cars April 2021: Porsche theme in our Knokke Experience Room

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The Porsche theme

It took 3 generations of Ferdinand Porsche descendants, an American visionary business man and a gifted German engineer to create one of the most iconic sportscars ever produced: the Porsche 911.

The making of:

Everything started with founder Ferdinand Porsche who created in the 30-ies the VW Beetle. In 1947 son Ferry Porsche developed his father’s concept further and came up with the Porsche 356. 

The grandson Butzi Porsche, still utilising the same principles, designed the 911 which was launched at the 1963 Frankfurt motorshow.

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Engineer Hans Mezger is responsible for the heart of the 911: a fabulous air cooled flat-six. Strong, light, perfectly balanced allowing to build a sportscar with a very low centre of gravity.

An encounter between Ferry Porsche and the New-York based businessman Max Hoffman boosted Porsche’s production by importing European automobiles (Porsche, Mercedes-Benz & Alfa Romeo) into the United States.

The classic Porsche 911

Marreyt Classics is charmed by these 2 early classic Porsches we could bring together, both in the rare colour of Ossi Blue. Are you as well?

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Porsche 911E coupé (1969)

The classic 911E Coupé from 1969 convincingly demonstrating Butzi’s Porsche timeless design. Power comes from the mighty 2.0 litre flat-six developed by top engineer Hans Mezger.

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Porsche 912 Soft Window Targa (1968)

Transition Porsche 912 model from 1968 in the rare Targa “soft window” configuration still powered by the flat-four 1600 cc engine from the previous Porsche 356 model.

Window gazing at our Knokke Experience Room

Why don’t you, during this Eastern holiday, pay us a visit to come and gaze through the window of our Experience Room at the Driehoeksplein in Knokke?


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