Newsletter Marreyt Classic Cars May 2021: Celebration 60 years of Jaguar E-type

60 years of the Jaguar E-type

I vividly remember as a young boy being dazzled when seeing for the first time the new Jaguar E-type and I am sure I was not the only boy , when Jaguar unveiled the new E-type at the Parc des Eaux Vives on the 15-th of March 1961 in Geneva.

Beginning of April 1961, the same E-type Coupé, 9600HP, was present at the Brussels GP on the Heysel site and once again on the front page of the automobile press.

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The Jaguar E-type was styled by Jaguar owner and patron Sir William Lyons and aerodynamicist/designer Malcolm Sayer (although Sayer always insisted his cars were designed by the wind, not really by his hand or idea).

From the start in 1961 till today, the Jaguar E-type has long been considered a design icon and technological masterpiece, with examples on display in countless museums and collections worldwide; many consider it to be among the most beautiful sports car designs ever; reputedly including a gent named Enzo Ferrari, who is quoted as saying such…

It wasn’t just the looks that impressed many about the Jaguar E-type, it also featured much more modern technical specifications such as independent front & rear suspension, all-round disc brakes, monocoque & space frame body construction, etc… which put it ahead of its time.

The 3.8 litre engine produced 265 BHP and could reach a top-speed of 150 MPH (240 Km/h) making it the fastest production car of the world at that time.

A regular sight in the Marreyt Classics garage

Not surprisingly, the Jaguar E-type is a regular sight in the Marreyt Classics showroom & workshop. As well as in OTS (Open Tourer Sports) as Coupé variant.

We constantly have an example in restoration. At the moment we restore a very early outside bonnet lock Convertible and a 4.2 Series 1 Coupé.

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60 years of the Jaguar E-type theme 

The 2 Jaguar E-types we will exhibit from the 19-th of May in our Experience Room in Knokke, represent together the 15 years of production from the 1-st series in 1961 till the ultimate 3-rd series in 1975.

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1962 Jaguar E-type S1 3.8 Coupé

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1973 Jaguar E-type S3 V12 Roadster

Come and celebrate with us these 60 years of Jaguar E-type passion!

Luckily the sanitary situation in Belgium improves every day now and allows us little by little to open up our horizon. With the nice spring time weather, a trip to the Belgian seaside seems a good idea to be programmed. Why not pay us a visit at our Marreyt Experience Room in the heart of commercial Knokke Zoute to admire these 2 Jaguar E-type beauties?

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For the opening hours  please consult our website or phone us on +32 50 892792 for an appointment.

We look forward to welcome you in Knokke.