The Mille Miglia 2022 rally was simply memorable and epic.

The Rally Mille Miglia 2022 is now an unforgettable memory that we regularly think back to with a smile.

The adventure started in Brescia, the heart of classic car loving Italy.

From day one, we were immersed in the drama and chaos that strangely enough worked as a motivator: we had no time to think, the mental race had started, everything and everyone had to follow...the Marreyt Classic Cars team was there, we helped each other where necessary and our guests were meanwhile tastefully entertained and enjoyed the best of what Classic Cars has to offer in beautiful Italy.

Enjoy our main impressions.

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Before the official start, all classic cars are subjected to various tests and checks by the organisation in the paddock to ensure that the participating cars are authentic and conform to the Mille Miglia regulations. All Marreyt cars passed the tests with flying colours. For the first time in Marreyt's history, we were able to welcome our guests at our own stand on the paddock, where they could enjoy a drink and receive a helping hand with the typical Italian "formalities".

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After the inspection, the cars drive in a caravan under police escort to the Mille Miglia Village on Piazza delle Vittoria in the heart of Brescia. We can hear the hustle and bustle from miles away but when we arrive at the square, we are already impressed by the bubbling energy, the unique cars and the enthusiastic crowd. 

Classic car fanatics from all over the world gather here to have their car sealed just before the start of the Mille Miglia rally. 

At the Marreyt Classic Car lounge, our hostess has a lot of work to do to welcome everyone and offer our guests a refreshing drink.

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Due to the difficulty of this rally, many cars have already had to leave the race. The Marreyt cars continue to drive thanks to the great and constant support of our technical teams. Our teams work day and night to keep the cars on the road. They listen, watch and follow them closely so as not to miss anything and to be able to act very quickly.

The final day is approaching and it promises to be another sequence of unique moments.

On the Monza circuit, the iconic cars do a lap of honour and have their last lunch stop before heading to the finish line in Brescia.

We are already there to cheer them on and congratulate them for their heroic deed...finishing La corsa piu bella del mondo!

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On Wednesday, the official start is given and the real race has begun. It promises to be a long and tough stage through the winding north of Italy to the coastline, Cervia Milano Marittima where the first cars arrive late at night.

After just a few hours' rest, roaring motorbikes will wake up Italy on Thursday morning to drive through enchanting Umbria to Rome, where the unique monuments will watch as the nippy and fast classic cars tear past their façades and across the historic squares to make it to the finish of day 2.

From Rome, the caravan will drive to the enchanting Siena and all the Mille Miglia cars will gather at the world famous Piazza del Campo during the lunch stop. This creates a unique sight, as this square is normally only accessible to pedestrians, horses and carts.

The magnificent Tuscan roads lead the Mille Miglia further to Parma where day 3 ends in scorching heat.

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This edition of the Mille Miglia was once again a unique experience.

For many, it surpassed the dream that led to their participation. 

We look forward to Mille Miglia 2023.

Is a participation in this unforgettable adventure on your bucket list? We will help you! 

We have a limited number of guaranteed participation places available. 

Contact us and we will be happy to explain the possibilities.

I would like to participate in Mille Miglia 2023

Would you like to participate Mille Miglia in June 2023, the most beautiful classic car race in the world? As a Race Main Sponsor, we have a limited number of guaranteed places available, Marreyt Classic Cars can realise your Mille Miglia dream. Contact us we will be happy to explain the possibilities.

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