The most popular iconic Jaguar sportscars: The open top XK140 & E-type S1 4.2

We kindly invite you to come and visit our Experience Room in Knokke to admire 2 iconic Jaguars.

The previous month we had the chance to show you in our Knokke Experience Room the somehow rugged Big Healey 100, this month we are delighted to exhibit the more refined iconic Jaguar open sportscars from the same era.

foto1 XK140 exproom

1955 Jaguar XK140 SE DHC

Connoisseurs will agree that the best choice in the various XK120, XK140 and XK150 models is certainly the XK140 SE DHC.
This specific model still demonstrates the sweeping wing line and general styling of the initial XK120, but also offers more leg-room, cabin space, comfort ànd power to the driver and his passenger.
The famous 6-cylinder Jaguar 3.4 XK engine benefitting in this case from the SE (Special Equipment) specification, inheriting the power upgrade based on the technology of the famous Jaguar C-type competition car, is another bonus which should make this maroon Jaguar XK140 DHC even more attractive.

This Jaguar XK140 DHC has everything to please the most demanding classic Jaguar driver, because the last owner detailed his Jaguar even further with clever upgrades.

3 Etype

1965 Jaguar E-type S1 4.2 Convertible

We strongly believe in the specific characteristics of this “Golden Sand” S1 4.2 OTS...

With the launch of the new E-type sportscar in 1961, Jaguar stunned the world not only from an aesthetic point of view, but also this cars’ technological innovation was “du jamais vu”.

May we advise you to select the best E-type in the S1, S2 and S3 variation of models (OTS, Coupé or 2+2) produced?

We strongly believe in the specific characteristics of this “Golden Sand” S1 4.2 OTS we exhibit from this weekend in our Experience Room.


  • We very much love the purity of the original design of this S1.
  • We appreciate the technical and practical improvements on the 4.2
  • To fully enjoy summer you absolutely need the OTS (Open Top Sports)!
  • The cars’ production date of 1965 allows to participate in all the nice classic car events.